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When you don’t have a Craft Room

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Not everyone is lucky enough to have their own dedicated craft space.  But never fear.  Just because you don’t have a beautifully organized craft room, or a fancy Craftbox to store all those embellishments, yarn, fat-quarters, buttons, and cardstock, doesn’t mean you can’t craft with your favorite mediums.  I didn’t want to overlook those who don’t have a dedicated Craft Space, so, here are some great ideas on how to get your craft on when you don’t have a craft room to call your own.

Folding table

Whether it is an old-school card table, or a folding table from the garage, a folding table makes a great option for those projects you need space for.  Being portable, you can move these tables out of the way when needed, yet they give you the added space you need.

Folding table used for crafting

Disposable tablecloth

If a folding table of sorts is not an option for you, be sure to grab a disposable tablecloth that you can throw over your dining room table to protect it from glues and paints.  I prefer to use a felt backed tablecloth that I can wash off when needed but it doesn’t slip slide away when working on a project.

Declutter your stash when you don’t have a Craft Room

Go through your craft stash and eliminate the items you no longer love, no longer want, or no longer use.  Don’t quilt anymore?  Move that fabric on to a friend who would love it.  Don’t enjoy scrapbooking?  Donate your paper to a classroom teacher or an after-school program.  No longer knit.  Find your yarns a new home, maybe at a local senior center.  Don’t keep items just because you spent good money on them. 

Mobile Craft Cart

Purchase a craft cart on wheels.  I love this one that my friend Angel has.  It holds a lot of supplies and allows her to move her crafting supplies to wherever she happens to want to craft, whether it’s
the bedroom, the patio or somewhere in between.

Craft cart used for mobile crafting

Repurpose furniture in your home for your Craft Room

Have a piece of furniture that is no longer being used for its original purpose?  Time to update it for something else.  Have a China cabinet, but no China?  Use it to store your craft stash.  Have an old entertainment center, but no longer have a big, bulky TV?  These make great options for craft supplies.  Have an old map or architectural drawing cabinet?  These make great storage for items that must be stored flat.  Look around your home.  I bet you’ll find something use so your supplies have a place to call home.

9-cube Storage Unit for a Hidden Craft Room

Looking for something smaller but that you can hide your craft supplies in?  Try a 9-cube storage shelf with bins.  You can customize your storage by purchasing unique bins to match your home decor.  Just be sure to label your bins so you know what’s inside. This simple solution provides both function and form, while still looking pretty when it is out in the open.

9-cube storage shelf for hiding your craft supplies

Someone else’s house or Retreats

Maybe one of my favorite ideas… Go craft at a friend’s house or sign up for a crafting retreat in your area.  Crafting with others is good therapy.  It is fun, and when you craft with others, you will be inspired with new ideas and time to get your projects finished!

Craft Retreat at Lake Tahoe

So, whether you have a dedicated craft space, or not, you CAN get your craft on with these great tips!

Here’s to getting your craft on and RESETTING your life and your craft room!


“Organization isn’t about perfection; it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money, and improving your overall quality of life.”


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