Belinda McLane

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Hi! I am Belinda McLane, owner and CEO of Artsy Fun Crafty DIY Designs and an Independent Chalk Couture Designer. I have led a Chalk Couture team for 5 years. 
In 2019, Roberta presented at the annual ChalkCon! She was incredible!!! She shared many common sense ideas on organization, planning, and maintaining her business and family!

Belinda and Roberta
Belinda and Roberta

Her presentation and love of organizing blew me away! My team had been struggling with juggling their business and family and needed ideas!!!!  I loved her “brain” so much that I asked her if she would be willing to present her “systems” training to my team! She graciously said, “Yes.” 
Her “Systems of Organization” training was amazing!!! She gave practical, easy to use strategies to implement in our business and family life. She not only talked us through the “systems”, she provided us with usable templates to begin using right away!!! My team was so excited to learn and grow from this training! They dove into using the templates immediately and took charge of organizing their business and daily family routines. 
Three years later, myself and members of my team are still utilizing the tools Roberta taught in that training! I love her and her brain for organization!!! She’s always so helpful and willing to share with others!!!!