Angel Christian

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Roberta and I met because we both have a love of crafting.  Crafters, tend to be disorganized hoarders, but not Roberta.  Her crafting space is always organized.  She knows where everything is, so that when inspiration strikes, she can craft and not hunt for supplies.

We used to host Scrapbooking Weekends in Lake Tahoe.  We provided a cabin that we all shared, a large crafting space with a breathtaking view, meals, T-shirts, and crafty make and takes.  We would pick a theme and plan the weekend around the theme which included meals, decor, movies, crafts and more.  Roberta had an Excel workbook that she documented everything in.  For example, we would plan the meals for the weekend on one tab.  On that tab, we would have dinner for Thursday, 3 meals for Friday and Saturday and a quick breakfast for Sunday.  Once the meals were listed out, Roberta would make the shopping list based on the menu.  We would do the same process for each task that included the movies, the crafty make and takes and the decorations.  She had a tab for the money that was collected from each attendee and a tab for the budget for each line item.

Roberta and Angel
Roberta and Angel

The biggest part of the weekend plan was the food.  We would go grocery shopping on Tuesday to get all the supplies.  On Wednesday, we would spend the day preparing the meals.  We would do all the prep work and pre-cook any meals that we could.  Meals were planned to use Crock-pots with liners and disposable pans, when possible.  We would label the meals so we knew the day and what meal they were for.

Our goal was always to plan everything out so that Roberta and I also had time to spend with our friends to craft along with them.  We were able to accomplish this with Roberta’s exceptional planning and organization. 

Our Scrapbooking Weekends were always a success.