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One Tray Chicken Fajitas

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A few weeks back I shared with you how I “theme” my meal planning.  Wednesday is typically One-Pan Wonder Wednesday.  It’s a dish made in just one pan.  Sometimes on a sheet pan.  Other times in the crockpot.  Occasionally in my cast iron skillet.  You get the idea.  It makes for easy dinner meals, with… Continue reading One Tray Chicken Fajitas

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Spicy Peach Chicken Recipe

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I don’t know about you, but I love the idea of “making once/cooking twice”.  That’s why I love the idea of freezer friendly meals.  If I am going to make dinner, why not make an extra meal for another night later on down the road when life gets busy?  This Spicy Peach Chicken that cooks… Continue reading Spicy Peach Chicken Recipe