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Start Small when Organizing

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Tip of the Week:  Start small when Organizing

If you are wanting to begin to declutter and organize your home but are feeling overwhelmed and aren’t quite sure where to begin, start small.  Start with a small space, a small project, or even a small drawer.  Heck! Start with the junk drawer in your kitchen!

Start small when organizing… the junk drawer

Everyone has a junk drawer.  Admit it.  Yours is pretty bad.  It’s over flowing. You don’t know exactly what’s in it. How do I know?  Because mine gets that way sometimes too.  Everything gets tossed in there to be dealt with later. 

What’s in ours?  Everything from fruit pectin for making jelly; to light bulbs and batteries in about 20 different sizes; to a can of miscellaneous nails, hooks, and thumb tacks.  Sound like yours?

Start small when organizing - Our junk drawer with a multitude of items
Start smallwhen organizing. Junk Drawer – Before picture

No personal attachment to items

Starting with the junk drawer can be very freeing.  It’s small and manageable and can be done in only a little bit of time.  Chances are, there aren’t any items in there that you have an emotional attachment to, so why not start small with oranizing in the junk drawer?

Where to start…

  1. Take a before picture.  This will remind you how bad it was when you are finished.
  2. Take everything out of the drawer and sort the items into piles:  Keep, Donate, Shred, Trash, Sell, Move
  3. Analyze the purpose of the drawer and what you REALLY want in the drawer.  It may not be what you originally thought.
  4. Contain.  Determine what and how many containers you need and their sizes.  Look around your house and see if there is anything you can repurpose.
Use containers you find around the house to contain items in your junk drawer
Use containers you find around your home
  • Evaluate.  Is your drawer what you envisioned?  Do you need to change anything to make it work better?
  • Take an after picture.  Compare it to your before picture.  See the difference?
Start small when organzing - After picture of a clean and tidy junk drawer.
Start small with organization. Junk Drawer – After picture

Now that you conquered the junk drawer by starting small with organizing, how do you feel?  Ready to take on a bigger job?  Pick a spot.  Any spot and get started.

Here’s to resetting your home, your junk drawer, and your life!


“A place for everything and everything in its place.” – Benjamin Franklin

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