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Spice Containers – 1 to Love

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Spice, Spice, Spice Containers Baby!

Sorry, not sorry!  I couldn’t help myself, and it was just too appropriate for talking about these Containers, which are 1 to Love this week. 

I love spices.  Changing just one spice in a dish can entirely transform a dish and take you to a different place and a unique culture.  The problem in our house is that we don’t have a decent space to store spices in the kitchen.  We don’t have one of those fancy pull-out spice cabinets, nor do I have any space in the kitchen cabinet next to the stove for a spice rack, turn-table, or other storage device.  Additionally, and this is a pet peeve of mine…  Spice containers are not uniform.  You can have a huge variety of shapes and sizes, which makes storage a nightmare.

That’s why 1 to Love this week are these fabulous Magnetic Containers.  I love these things.

Why I love these

I first bought these containers about 6 years ago when Russell and I RV’d across the country.  They were a space saver because they are magnetic, and I could attach them to the refrigerator.  They neither took up space in a cabinet, nor went flying when Russell took a turn a little too quick.  (Have I got stories to tell!  LOL!!!)

Single Spice Container
Single Spice Container

These days, I still use them and had to order more a few weeks ago to contain my spice addiction.  (Did I say these are 1 to Love?)  In our current kitchen, I have a fabulous magnetic back board that hangs above our stove, where the containers are attached.  The labels make it easy to find the exact spice I am looking for, and the included measuring chart that came with my recent spice container purchase, make it simple for me to get things just right when I am doubling a batch of something yummy.

Magnetic Back Board with Spice Containers
Magnetic Back Board

The spice containers hold 3 ounces of spices (the same as a medium spice jar you purchase at the grocery store) and have both a pour slot and a shaker slot for easy use. 

Purchased Spice Jar - Cinnamon Sticks
Purchased Spice Jar

If you are looking to update your spice containers and are looking for a solution that saves some space in your kitchen, these Magnetic Containers are 1 to Love!

Here’s to resetting your home, your spice containers, and your life!


“A place for everything and everything in its place.” – Benjamin Franklin

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