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Small Bathroom Organization Tips

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Not every home in America has a spacious bathroom, complete with a soaking tub, a shower big enough for a small party, a toilet and a bade, and a 3-piece vanity/sink combo like you see on those TV makeover shows.  In fact, according to Home Stratosphere, the average American bathroom is a whopping 40 square feet.  Yep. That’s it. That’s an 8’ x 5’ bathroom.  So, if yours is larger than average, add that to your list of things to be thankful for. If yours is small, here are some tips for small bathroom organization.

The two bathrooms at the Stafford household are both “average”, aka small.  This is the exact floor plan of our main bath, only flipped over.   Luckily, at this point in our lives, it’s just Russell and I, so we aren’t sharing the bath with teenagers.  LOL!  But because we are “average” I wanted to share with you some organizational tips that we use in our home for those of you who have a small bathroom like we do.   

Layout of the average American home bathroom
The average American home bathroom

Add a Shelf above the Toilet for small bathroom organization

Install shelving above your toilet.  This is valuable real estate and can be used for so many things, from cotton balls to bath toys to an extra roll of toilet paper or spare bath towels.

Shelving above the toilet space
Create extra space by adding shelving

Mason Jars

Use Mason Jars or other glass jars for storing ever day items, such as cotton face pads, cotton swabs or bath bombs.  Using clear jars makes your bathroom feel larger because you can see through the jar.  Plus, by just adding a simple ribbon, you can coordinate the décor of your bathroom.

Mason Jars in a decorative water trough
Mason Jars provide both form and function to your bathroom

Bathroom Ladder for small bathroom organization

Need extra room for bath towels and other items?  This bathroom ladder is the perfect solution.  It allows for plenty of space for all those damp towels and as an added bonus, it is cute too.

Use a bathroom ladder for added space in a small bathroom
Use a bathroom ladder for added space in a small bathroom

Coordinate bottles

It may seem silly, but this one is HUGE!!!  By putting your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in matching bottles, you automatically lose the “clutter factor” of having bottles of various shapes and sizes.  Yes, it takes a few minutes to pour shampoo from one bottle into another, but the effect it gives your shower is AMAZING.  It just feels better.  So, pick some pretty ones and coordinate your bottles

Use coordinating bottles in the shower to give your shower a polished look
Such a simple fix can make a big difference in a small bathroom

Use clear containers or storage drawers beneath the sink

Just like using Mason Jars, using clear storage containers underneath your sink, makes the space not only feel bigger, but it allows you to see at a glance what’s there.  Be sure to label your bins and drawers as well, so others in your family know what goes where when they are helping you to restock. 

Clear containers make your small bathroom feel larger
Clear containers make your small bathroom feel larger

Behind the door storage

Take advantage of the hidden storage on the back of your bathroom door.  You can purchase a fabulous door organizer such as this one, or you can simply hang decorative Command Hooks like we’ve done for our towels. 

In small bathrooms, take advantage of space behind the door
In small bathrooms, take advantage of space behind the door

Store items inside the cabinet door

Need an idea of what to do with your curling iron, flat iron, blow dryer or diffuser?  This can be a tough one, as these items are bulky, but I found this cabinet door organizer that works perfectly for storing these odd-ball items that most folks can’t live without. 

The perfect solution for odd shaped bathroom items
The perfect solution for odd shaped bathroom items

Suction cups in the shower for small bathroom organization

My last little tip is this.  Use suction cups in the shower to hang things such as your body scrubbers, loofahs, and wash cloths.  Not only does this prevent items from falling into the tub, but it lets them drip dry in between uses. 

Suction cups take up no space in a small bathroom
Suction cups take up no space in a small bathroom

Of course, you can use any of these tips, regardless of the size of your bathroom, but they sure do help organize small bathrooms to make them more efficient for your entire family.

Here’s to making your small bathroom feel more efficient for you and your family as you organize it and RESETTING your life!


Organization isn’t about perfection; it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money, and improving your overall quality of life.” – CHRISTINA SCALISE

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