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Scrapbook Paper Storage Solution

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If you have ever met me personally, you probably know that I’ve been a scrapbooker for more years than I can count on 2 hands.  You name the paper crafting tool, I have probably owned it, or a version of it, at some point in time.  I’ve owned it all:  electronic cutting machines, die-cutting machines, embossing tools, stencils, stamps, ink pads, blocks, you name it, I have owned it!  Now when you own it, you have to store it.  Right?  Well, probably the most challenging item for scrapbookers to store is their beloved paper!  No paper crafter wants bent, wrinkled or torn paper when beginning to work on a layout.  That is why I have the scrapbook paper storage solution for you, and it is one to love!

Meet the Paper Envelopes from Close to My Heart. 

Paper Envelopes - Scrapbook Paper Storage

My friend, Angel, recently introduced me to these 12” x 12” durable and see-through plastic storage envelopes. They are perfect for housing your full-size scrapbook paper.  They keep papers flat without creasing or bending. The envelopes can hold approximately 25+ pieces of paper, more or less depending on the weight of your papers.

Store Scrapbook Papers

Paper envelope

I’ve used similar paper keepers that I’ve purchased from big-box hobby stores in the past. In comparison, I have found the Close to My Heart Paper Envelopes are sturdier and hold up better without cracking or breaking, even if being left in your car in extreme temperatures.

I love using these envelopes for storing my different patterned papers and cardstock colors, dust free.  I can keep all the like colors together, which helps me find what I am looking for faster and easier when I am in the middle of a project.

Paper Envelope with a variety of paper colors

Not only can you use the Paper Envelopes for storing your paper, but you can use them for your “work in progress” projects.  These envelopes allow you to keep your pages, your stamps, and even your embellishments all together if you need to clean up the dining room table for dinner, or when headed to a scrapbook retreat with your girlfriends.

Keep Projects Contained

Scrapbook Paper Storage Solution for Works in Progress

I also use them for containing my “memories” for future projects.  Photos, small souvenirs, maps, brochures, etc. can all be stored in these paper envelopes. I never have to worry about where something disappeared to or trying to remember something I wanted to include in a particular album.  It’s all right there.

Scrapbook Storage for holding your Memories

If you are a scrapbooker, card maker or other paper crafter, the Paper Envelopes from Close to My Heart are one to love and should be added to your next supply list.  Check them out!

Here’s to scrapbook paper storage solutions and RESETTING your life!


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