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Remove Everything!

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Tip of the Week: Remove Everything!

Take it off!  Remove it all! 

Really!  Take it off every shelf, out of every cabinet, out of every drawer.  Take it all off and out of every space you intend to declutter and organize.  Remove everything. This is how you begin your Room Reset.

Remove everything from the space you want to reorganize
Remove everything – Glasses, water bottles and cookbooks

To get started, remove everything

Remove everything from the space, and when I say everything… I mean everything!

Completely removing items from the space you want to reset enables you to see what you have.  It allows you to take inventory, to purge items that are expired, duplicates, or are broken.  It allows you to take stock of what you really have, so don’t just shuffle items around.  Truly remove everything from the space.

This step when decluttering and reorganizing any space is important.  Don’t skip it.

Keep and Donate bins for sorting
Clearly labels your sorting bins

Time to Short

As you are removing items, sort them into specific piles:  Keep, Donate, Shred, Trash, Sell, or Move.  I like to have labeled bins for each of these categories.  It makes it quick and simple as I am going through the process.  Once you’ve placed an item in the appropriate bin, don’t remove it.  Don’t second guess.  Leave it there.  Trust your initial instincts.  The goal is to declutter and remove no longer needed items.

Reorganized Kitchen Cabinet
Reorganized kitchen cabinet

Next week, I’ll be sharing with you some tips for analyzing the space and the items that will be returning to the space.  So, stay tuned!

Here’s to resetting your home, sorting items, and making your life a little more efficient!


“A place for everything and everything in its place.” – Benjamin Franklin

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