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Organizing your Space with the SPACE Method

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve taken some important steps for decluttering and organizing your space using the SPACE method.  Now it’s time to Evaluate our space and see if it’s working for us and our family.

5 Steps of Organizing your Space

We’ve Strategized.  We made a plan; determined the purpose of the space; identified the activities that will take place in the space; learned about our current habits and created a vision of what we wanted it to look like when we are finished.

Determine what you want from the space.
STRATEGIZE – What do you want from the Space?

We’ve Prioritized.  We took the time to sort items and figured out what we wanted to keep, donate, shred, trash, sell, or move to another space and placed those items in the properly labeled bins.

Sort items:  Keep, Donate, Shred, Trash, Sell, Move to another Space
Prioritize – What items will you keep in the Space?

We’ve Analyzed our space.  We reviewed the purpose of the space, created work zones for task that happen in that area, identified where to place items (landscaping), and placed only zoned and frequently needed items in that specific workspace.

Create stations for specific tasks
Analyze – Create stations for specific tasks within the Space

We’ve Contained our items by determining what needs a container and what types of containers we prefer.  We measured items and determined how many we need, and of course, we’ve labeled everything for easy reference for everyone involved.

Macrame baskets for containing the clutter in our Space
Macrame baskets for containing items in the Space

Final Step to Organizing your Space

And today we are going to complete our final step – Evaluate

Ask yourself now that you are finished:  Is the space how you envisioned?  What new habits need to be created so you don’t revert back to old habits?  How efficient is the space?  Do you need to tweak anything to make it work just a little bit better for you and your family?

Ask yourself if your space is how you envisioned
Evaluate – Is your Space how you envisioned?

This step takes time in your decluttering and organizing your space.  It may be done multiple times.  You will find that some aspects work for you, but maybe not your child, because you’ve placed the craft supplies on the top shelf, but little Johnny can’t reach the items needed for his school project, so you have to move them to a lower shelf.  Or you may find that where you initially set up your desk station in a room, doesn’t work for you because it doesn’t get enough natural light, so you swap its location with another zone in the room.  Or worse yet, you find that the dresser top has become a dumping ground…again… so you make an adjustment to your habits and how things come into the space, so this doesn’t occur by adding a basket, that you clear out each night before going to bed.

It will be okay!

Whatever you do, DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP!  This step can take the longest because it needs to work for each person who uses the space.  You’ll figure out what works best for you, and what doesn’t.  You’ll make small tweaks along the way, and that’s okay.  Just remember what you want and what you envisioned this space to be.

And don’t forget… As your family changes: the kids get older, the kids move out, a parent moves in, etc. what works now, may not work then.  So be willing to continue adjusting and organizing your space as needed.

Here’s to RESETTING your home and your life!


“A place for everything and everything in its place.” – Benjamin Franklin

P.S. Did you learn something from using the SPACE Method?  Let me know.  I’d love to hear!

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