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Organizing your Pet’s Supplies – 8 Simple Ideas

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Organizing your Pet’s Supplies

Our beloved Major, Russell’s Service Dog and best friend

A month ago today, our beloved Major, my husband’s service dog passed away from T-Cell Lymphoma.  It’s a terrible disease that is incredibly aggressive and incurable.  From the time he was officially diagnosed to the time he passed was approximately 6 weeks.  We spent those last weeks doing things Major loved to do.  We went to the zoo.  Had our last camping trip, and ate lots of pizza and ice cream, 2 of his favorite foods.  This post on 8 Simple Ideas for Organizing your Pet’s Supplies is dedicated to Major.  Rest in Peace, Maj.  Chase your ball.  We love you and miss you everyday, buddy.

Create a Dog Walking Station when organizing your pet's supplies
Dog Walking Station

Create a walking station near the door when organizing your pet’s supplies. 

Have a place where you hang leashes, pet jackets, pet booties, ball throwers, etc. in one location.  Keep it near the door and you’ll be ready to go anytime your four-legged friend is ready to get some exercise. Oh, yeah! Don’t forget the poop bags!

Put toys in one area. 

If you store your pet’s toys in a container, make sure it is pet friendly, washable, and durable, especially for those younger pets who still like to chew.

Dedicate a space for medications when organizing your pet's supplies.
Keep all medications, even pet meds, out of reach of children.

Dedicate a space for medications when organizing your pet’s supplies. 

Keep them contained and out of reach of both your pets and your children.  Pet medications can be just as harmful as human medications if they get into the wrong hands.

Keep pet grooming supplies in a portable and water-resistant container. 

Whether it’s pet shampoo, nail trimmers or brushes, keeping them all together and in a container that can be washed if it gets dirty, and dried if it gets wet, makes a last-minute need for a bath easy to grab and go.

When organizing your pet's supplies, create a treat station
Major’s Dog Treat Jar

When organizing your pet’s supplies, create a treat station. 

Major loved his treats and knew exactly where they were.  He would stop and stare at them when he thought he deserved one, and wouldn’t move until he got one.

Place your furry friend’s feeding station away from distractions. 

Most animals do not like to be distracted, bothered, or petted while eating, so giving them a quiet space that they can enjoy their meal is important.

Prepare a Sleepover Bag for on the go travel. 

We travel a lot for both pleasure and Russell’s medical appointments, so we always had a backpack with all Major’s supplies near the door as well.  His backpack contained his travel bowls, a few toys, his travel water bottle, treats, food, and such.  It was always ready to go for those last-minute trips or long days in the city.

Create a Pet Records Folder.   

Keep important pet documents in the folder such as vaccinations, license, certifications, and medical documents.  Having all the important information in one location makes it easier to find should you need to locate them in an emergency. Here’s a link to my new Pet Information Package so you can create one for your four-legged family members.

Organizing all your pet’s supplies is just as important as organizing your kids’ supplies.  Take some time to put these things together. Your furry friends will love you unconditionally for it.

Here’s to organizing for your furry friends and RESETTING your life!


“A place for everything and everything in its place.” – Benjamin Franklin

P.S. If you made this post useful for organizing your pet’s supplies, be sure to let me know.  I’d love to hear.

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