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Organizing your Luggage for Holiday Travel

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It’s time to travel for the holidays.  Time to load the trains, planes, and automobiles, but not before organizing your luggage for the trip.  Typically, that is one piece of luggage per person.  So, packing suitcases for an upcoming trip can be one of the most difficult tasks of the entire journey, because God forbid you forget something you might need, or don’t pack enough diapers or underwear.  LOL!  Well, guess what.  Chances are pretty good that anything you may forget, or don’t pack enough of, can be purchased, wherever you are going.  So don’t sweat the small stuff.  However, if packing for your upcoming holiday trip causes you some stress, here are a few tips for making the packing a little less burdensome.

Use the Exterior Pockets when organizing your luggage

If your suitcases have exterior pockets, don’t leave them empty.  Use these pockets for items you need to get to at a moment’s notice, like your toiletries, an extra diaper and wipes, for electrical cords and chargers, or for other items like your shoes, that you don’t want on the inside of your suitcase.  (If you can’t put your shoes in an exterior pocket, be sure to wrap them in grocery bags to prevent dirt from getting on your clothes.)

Purchase Expandable Bags

If you are in the market for new luggage, consider purchasing a set that is expandable.  When leaving on your trip, leave the expansions closed.  Don’t pack more than you need to for your trip there, so you have plenty of space for all the souvenirs and gifts you want to bring home. 

Hard sided expandable luggage
Purchase expandable luggage

Wear bulky items while traveling

Wear your bulky clothing items, such as your winter coat, hat, and gloves while you are traveling instead of packing them.  It will save you loads of space when organizing your luggage. Plus, it gives you items to use as a pillow or blanket if you get too cold while traveling.

Plan your outfits when organizing your luggage

For your trip, plan your outfits from top to bottom in advance.  Put together an outfit for each day and for each event you will be attending while on your trip.  When you pack individual outfits as opposed to a pile of shirts, a pile of pants, etc., you don’t over pack.  But, don’t forget to include your jewelry, undergarments and shoes.

Pack a Laundry Bag

Pack a laundry bag for your dirty clothes.  It might seem counterintuitive to pack an extra item but having somewhere to put all those dirty clothes each day can be a lifesaver when it comes time to come home.  You are already half packed and will be less likely to leave something behind unintentionally.  I have these canvas laundry bags, which come in packs of 4.  For us, it is great, because everyone has their own with a few left over and they are washable.

Canvas Laundry Bags are one items you shouldn't leave at home when organizing your luggage
Canvas Laundry Bags

Roll your clothes when organizing your luggage

The age-old debate of whether to fold your clothes or roll your clothes will probably go on for decades. Everyone has their personal preference.  I recently read an article which discussed the pros and cons of each method.  I think it’s all about the space you have.  If I’m going on a short trip, I tend to fold my clothing.  But if I’m going on a longer trip, I tend to roll. I believe rolling your clothes really does save space.  However, if you decide to roll your clothes, be sure to pack a can of wrinkle releaser to help remove any creases caused by rolling your clothes. 

Wrinkle Releaser is an essential item to pack
Don’t forget the Wrinkle Releaser when organizing your luggage

Take advantage of empty spaces

Empty spaces inside shoes.  Inside wrapped belts or bra cups.  Inside gaps between clothes and space created when you cinch your clothes before closing the luggage.  Squeeze socks or other small items into open spaces.  Take advantage of all those vacant spaces when organizing your luggage for holiday travel.

If you are traveling during the holidays, I pray your travels are safe, fun, and festive.  Enjoy your time.

Here’s to organizing your luggage and RESETTING your life!


Organization isn’t about perfection; it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money, and improving your overall quality of life.” – CHRISTINA SCALISE

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