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Organizing your Craft Room

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If you are an avid crafter like I am, you know how overwhelming the volume of supplies you have in your craft stash can be.  Organizing your craft room and all those supplies can seem like a never-ending battle because as crafters, we tend to hoard the supplies that we love, and we keep bringing more beloved items into our space.  However, there are some tips and tricks you can use to organize the supplies in your Craft Room, so you can keep the chaos under control.

Label basket/bin storage –

Whether you use baskets, bins, or boxes, the best tip I can give is label your items once you’ve gotten them sorted into manageable groups.  I love these chalkable label clips that come in a set of 30 clips, plus 2 chalkboard markers, so you have plenty for your craft room project.

Chalkboard tags for labeling your Craft Room storage bins

Use a pegboard for vertical storage –

Pegboards are a great solution for hanging items, especially items that are odd ball shapes, like scissors, hoops or spools of ribbon.  You can use various types of hooks and bins on a pegboard, as well as baskets to contain the clutter.

Craft storage pegboard for Vertical storage

Use closet storage for Organizing your Craft Room–

If you are fortunate enough to have a closet in your craft room, (I am not.) take advantage of that valuable space.  One of the best benefits of having a closet in your craft room is you can close the doors when you are finished.  LOL!

Incorporate shelving units –

Shelving comes in a HUGE variety of options.  You can repurpose a bookshelf or an old hutch that you find at a second-hand store or from somewhere else in your home.  You can hang floating shelves, or install shelving units, such as the Elfa Collection from the Container Store.   No matter what you choose, shelving makes a great option for storing those baskets and bins you took the time to label.

Elfa storage system for organizing your craft room

Separate supplies into different containers –

Take the time to separate items in your craft room. Markers in one container.  Yarn in another.  Beads in yet another.  And while you are sorting, get rid of those items you no longer love, need, or want. Donate them to a school, senior facility, or thrift store.  When it comes to containers for my craft space, I’m a big fan of the Home Edit Large Bins, as they can hold nearly any craft supplies you might have. 

And the Multipurpose Modular System, gives you so many options for sorting through those smaller items in your stash. 

Home Edit Acrylic Bins for craft storage

Use a table with built in storage –

If you are looking for a new workstation in your craft space, consider one that has built in storage.  Then you get 2 for the price of one, storage and workspace.

Have rolling storage for Organizing your Craft Room–

Consider purchasing a cart that’s on wheels.  Having something that can easily move around gives you options when you craft.  As an added bonus, when you are finished, you can push it out of the way where it is out of sight and out of mind.

Scrapbook Paper Rolling Cart Storage for Organizing your Craft Room

Magnetic Spice Containers –

I featured these magnetic spice containers a few weeks ago.  They are awesome!  Not only are they perfect for spices, but also for small embellishments, sequins, beads and more!  The beauty of these containers is that not only are they magnetic, so you can use vertical space to store them, but you can also see what’s in them with their clear lids.

Magnetic Spice Containers used for Craft Supply Storage

Washi Tape Organization –

A friend of mine, Teri @Coffee and Creative Planners with Teri, shared this great hack for organizing your washi tape…  Use an Oreo Cookie tray.  Say what?! Yep! They fit fabulously!  Who knew?

Washi Tape Storage in an Oreo Tray to help in Organizing your Craft Room

Dowels –

Wooden dowels are also a great solution for your ribbon organization.  Having rolls of ribbon on dowels allows you to pull just the amount of ribbon you need without the roll falling to the floor and rolling away.

Lazy Susan –

Having a turn table is the perfect solution for having many items just a turn away.  You may even already have one in your home that you can repurpose.

Mason Jars –

Mason jars are a great organization solution for storing items. They work for paint brushes, scissors, embellishments, and any other items that you access on a regular basis. Additionally, they look great and are washable.

Craft Binders for Organizing your Craft Room –

Have items that are flat such as stickers, silk screens, stencils, stamps, embossing folders, die cuts or papers? Use binders to store those items. You can theme them to make finding the one you want easier.  They store neatly and keep items flat. I adore this one from Totally Tiffany because it can be used for SO MANY items and can hold SO MUCH!

Totally Tiffany binder for flat craft storage organization

I hope you found one or more of these tips for Organizing your Craft Room useful. My goal was there to be something for everyone, no matter how you get your craft on.

Here’s to Organizing your Craft Room, RESETTING your life and your craft space!


Organization isn’t about perfection; it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money, and improving your overall quality of life.”

– Christina Scalise

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