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Organize your Refrigerator – 5 Tips

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5 Tips to Organize your Refrigerator

Ever go into the fridge, looking for something tasty to snack on, only to open a container of what you thought were some yummy leftovers to find what looks like a science fair experiment?  Yup.  Me too, and it’s gross!  (Insert vomiting emogi here.  LOL!)

That’s why I wanted to share with you five tips to organize your regrigerator that you can use to RESET your refrigerator, so you never find or eat something you shouldn’t again.

Basics to Organize your Refrigerator

  • Clean out your fridge WEEKLY.  We all get busy, but this needs to be a priority to save time, to save money, and to prevent anyone in your home from getting sick.  So, pick a day of the week.  (Any day that works for you.)  Add this task to your personal chore list and get to it.
  • Use clear containers for food storage.  If you can’t see what’s in there, how do you know what you want to eat?

Additional Steps

  • Label your containers with the date you cooked it or opened it.  This will help you to know if it is from yesterday, last Sunday, last month, or even last year, and when it should probably be tossed.  (For specifics on when it is safe to eat certain foods, I created this helpful When Can I Eat it?” Guide.  Feel free to print it out and attach it to your fridge for easy reference.)
  • Make your lunch at dinner.  Are you someone who takes their lunch to work?  Have left over roast beef and mashed potatoes from dinner?  Instead of putting them in the fridge as separate containers to get lost in the back of the fridge, make up your lunches as you put the leftovers away.  This not only saves you from throwing away perfectly good food that you coulda’, woulda’, shoulda’ eaten, and didn’t, but it makes packing your lunch more efficient in the morning.  Just grab and go.

Final Step to Organize your Fridge

  • Think like a grocer.  Place older items to the front with the ones you just purchased at the back of the line.  Then you are sure to use the first in, first out method and items won’t go to waste as often.
In real life - a peek inside my refrigerator
A peek inside my fridge!

These 5 tips for Organizing your Refrigerator are just a few small RESETS you can make that will help you to keep it more organized, and you feeling like a queen by saving you time and money!

Here’s to resetting your home, your refrigerator, and your life!


“A place for everything and everything in its place.” – Benjamin Franklin

P.S. Got a tip or trick you use in your refrigerator?  Share it with me!  I’d love to hear what works for you!  And if you found this post useful, please be sure to share it with others, who may like it as well.

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