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Okay.  If you’ve learned anything about me by now, you know that I love organizational products of all kinds.  Whether it is acrylic storage containers for your pantry, bins for your craft room, or containers for your freezer, I’m addicted to organizational products of all kinds.  I especially love items that serve multiple purposes, such as totes that can be used for organization at home or on the go.  I love it all.  And with My Thirty-one, or 31 as they are called for short, you can have both!

What I love –

If you aren’t familiar with 31, they are an organizational direct sales company, and have something for every type of organization you need: wallets for your purse (They have those too.); utility totes for storing absolutely ANYTHING you might need to store; home organization bins and caddies; Christmas storage for everything from your front door wreath to wrapping paper and ornaments; to home décor; and travel tools.  They really have something for every need.  I have purchased from 31 for years and have never been disappointed with their products.

My friend, Kathi, is a 31 Senior Consultant . She recently shared with me one of their newest products, the Extra-Large Storage Tote in the Festive Forest Pattern.  She knew I would love this because it is perfect for organization at home and on the go! This tote is not only ENORMOUS, but it is also sturdy!    

This tote is made to hold anything and everything, and I believe it’ll be your new go-to storage tote, too. The oversized design can carry heavy loads and allows you to pack essentials for an out-of-town adventure, your gameday gear, picnic necessities, beach supplies and so much more. It also features an exterior zipper pocket, top zipper closure, shoulder straps with grip-tab closure and reinforced stitching for longer wear. It is wipeable for quick clean-ups, has durable fabric and finished binding at the sides and bottoms for longevity, too.  For a storage tote, it really is pretty amazing.

To show you how much this extra-large tote holds, I went around my house and filled the tote bag with a variety of items, so you could see in real life, just how much this tote can hold. 

Check out these ideas for organization at home or on the go!

Camping Gear in the extra Large Tote Bag
All this camping gear – 2 sleeping bags, 2 duffles, and so much more!
Camping Gear inside the Extra Large Tote Bag
Camping Gear stored in the Tote Bag
An Igloo Cooler that holds 53 aluminum cans
Cooler that holds 53 aluminum cans
Cooler stored in the Tote Bag
Fit inside the Tote Bag for organization on the go
7 Bed Pillows
7 Bed Pillows
Stored inside the Extra Large Tote Bag
Fit inside the Tote Bag for organization at home

Pretty amazing, as I said! This one bag can hold SO MANY different items! (I don’t know why anyone would want to store a cooler in the bag, but if they did, they could!)

Additionally, 31 has so many patterns to choose from, which makes organization unique to everyone.  Pick a pattern to match your style and make your space pretty.  Another fun fact about 31’s products is that you can personalize items with a large variety of icons and fonts so you can spell just about anything.  This makes their products a perfect option for the upcoming gift-giving season and giving something one of a kind. 

Here’s to organization at home or on the go with these fabulous products from 31. They are 1 to Love this week, which makes RESETTING your life easy, fun and pretty with storage solutions that are as limited as your imagination!


Organization isn’t about perfection; it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money, and improving your overall quality of life.”


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