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What if I told you that you could shop from your very own online store for everything from cleaning supplies to personal care items, from makeup to baby products, and from essential oils to steaks?  You might think I was delusional.  Am I right?  Not with Melaleuca.  Melaleuca is an online shopping club, which you can shop from at home and have products delivered direct to your door within about 3 days, depending on where you live.  No more needing to stand in outrageous lines at those big box club stores.

Introducing your Online Shopping Club

I was recently reintroduced to Melaleuca by my friend, Jenneifer.  I had heard of Melaleuca years before, but honestly had never paid much attention to what they were all about.  However, now that I live in a rural community, where going to Costco is a 2-hour drive one way, I appreciate everything they have to offer.

Melaleuca started more than 35 years ago by helping people reach their goals. Small goals. Big goals. And everything in between.  They use natural ingredients that have been fined tuned for the best results.  It’s their ability to help people reach their goals that makes Melaleuca a different kind of company.

Now, I’ve tried a number of Melaleuca’s products, but certainly not all (there are SO MANY!), so I thought I’d share with you just a few of my favorites, so you could see the variety of what they have to offer.

Some of my Favorites

Shower Melts – Think bath bomb, but for the shower.  I love the aroma therapy these melts provide while I take a shower, and honestly, I can’t choose a favorite scent.  I love them all!  They don’t stain your tub, nor do they leave an oily, slippery shower.

Shower Melts from the Online Shopping Club

Simply Fit Chewy Snack Bars – Need to toss a snack into your purse as you run out the door?  Do the kids need something to eat on the way to sports?  Then you are going to love these healthy versions of a granola bar.  No saw dust flavor here.  I’ve had the Chocolate Chip Drizzle, and absolutely love them.  They are super filling and taste yummy.

Simply Fit Snack Bars

Energy Shots – Looking for a burst of energy because your butt is dragging?  Look no further!  Energy shot has all the energy you need in one little bottle.  Energy Kick provides energy with 150mg of caffeine and B-Fuel provides energy with higher levels of B Vitamins, without the caffeine, which I love.

Energy Shots and B-Fuel

More Items from the Online Shopping Club

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil – Mmm… smells like Fireball!  Just kidding!  But seriously, I love essential oils, and I have probably tried every company out there.  Just a few drops in either a diffuser, humidifier or even a wax warmer will awaken your senses and provide a comforting atmosphere.  If you need another scent, they’ve got you covered.  Everything from patchouli to citronella and everything in between.

Essential Oils

Tough and Tender All Purpose Cleaner – Looking to remove the chemicals in your cleaning supplies from your home?  Be sure to check out the Tough and Tender cleaning line.  Plant based cleaners that actually work.  I seriously use this stuff all around my house when I clean.  No more chemical smells, and it really does the job!

Tough and Tender from the Online Shopping CLub

Sustain Sport – If you, or your kids, are active and tend to drink a lot of sports drinks, you’ve got to try Sustain Sport.  Less calories, fewer carbs, and less sugar than the equivalent bottled neon-colored sports drink we all know, but with great flavor!  I love drinking this when I go to the gym in the morning to rehydrate after a hard workout.

SUstain Sport from the Online Shopping Club

If shopping from home from your own online store sounds like something you want to try, instead of shopping in the store on a Saturday afternoon, be sure to check out Melaleuca’s online shopping club and the hundreds of products they have to offer. 

Here’s to a different shopping experience and RESETTING your life!


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