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Nail Strips – Nailed It!

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Color Street Nail Strips

I am not a girly-girl.  Don’t call me Princess.  I find that offensive.  I wear make-up, if you are lucky, maybe once per week; I prefer a pair of leggings and a peasant blouse or a comfy sweater over anything trendy; I don’t wear heals; I love the comfort of my Hey Dudes or a pair of sandals (weather permitting) and I get my hair cut about every 6 weeks.  In the summer, I get a pedicure when I get my hair cut. 

Now, if you notice, I haven’t said anything about painting my fingernails.  It just isn’t something I typically do.  I’m hard on my nails.  Polish just doesn’t last with me.  So, it’s usually a special occasion type of thing.  However, when I do want to do something special, or I want to treat myself with a little bit of self-care, I like to use Color Street Nail Strips.  They’ve nailed it when it comes to Nail Strips and they are One to Love this Week!

Menu of Color Street Nail Strip designs
Such a variety of colors and designs

What are Color Street Nail Strips?

If you are new to Color Street, they are a great option for doing your own nails, instead of scheduling an appointment with the salon, which can be a bother, not to mention expensive.  Color Street’s Nail Strips are fast, fun, and EASY to apply with NO dry time.  They have a huge variety of designs, colors, and options for layering different colors with patterns.

Dos and Don'ts of using Color Street
Practical Do’s and Don’t

My friend Kirsta is a Color Street Stylist.  She’s a Pro and gives great advice for applying the nail strips and how you can get the biggest bang for your buck!  If you are coordinated, which I am not (hence why I get pedicures) you can actually use one nail strip set and get both a mani and pedi for on average $15!  Talk about efficient!

Color Street Nail Strip cutting guide
Color Street makes doing your nails afforable!
How to be thrifty with Color Street
Kirsta provides great tips!

Real Polish

The Nail Strips are real nail polish in an adhesive strip form.  They peal and stick to your nails with no fancy tools, although having a nail file on hand (no pun intended) is a must.  The polish lasts approximately 10 days to 2 weeks, depending on how hard on your nails you are.  And the beauty is… If you chip a nail, you can easily remove the nail strip with polish remover and adhere a new one.  No one will ever know, and you didn’t have to make a special trip to the salon!  They truly are amazing!

My hand using Color Street
Not perfect, but my nails still look great!

If you would like to give Color Street a try, you can shop Kirsta’s website.  I promise.  She will take care of you.

Here’s One to Love with Color Street Nail Strips and RESETTING your life!


“A place for everything and everything in its place.” – Benjamin Franklin

P.S.  Do you love Color Street?  I’d love to know what your favorite nail strip design is.

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