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Laundry Room Organization – 5 Key Tips

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The laundry room.  There.  I said it.  It’s like a four-letter word.  The laundry room is that place where we literally share our dirty laundry with others.  Often times, it is so much more than just a laundry room.  Unless you live in a dorm, it’s the place where we store items, such as pet supplies, cleaning items, sports equipment, and camping gear.  It’s the pass through from the garage into the main part of the home.  It’s where we keep the backstock of toilet paper, paper towels and gift wrap.  It may be where you wash your dog, where the cat’s litter box is, where you iron clothes, or even where you organize for the holidays.  Most laundry rooms are multipurpose rooms, not just laundry rooms, so they become clutter-fests fast! That’s why every home needs laundry room organization.

Tips for Laundry Room Organization

Today, I thought I’d share 5 fast and furious tips for decluttering your laundry room and keeping it organized so your laundry room is no longer a four-letter word in your home.

Store items you don’t use regularly up high and out of the way 

If you don’t need it on a regular basis, get it out of the way.  Don’t let it take up valuable real estate unnecessarily.  Keep those items that you do need to access regularly where you can reach to grab and go and then put back away when you are done.

Vertical laundry space
Take advantage of vertical space

Use stackable appliances to double up on floor space 

This is a life saver, especially if you have a small laundry room.  Stackables do the same job, in half the space, for about the same price, so the next time you are purchasing a washer/dryer set, consider stackables for your laundry room.

Dream laundry room
Stackable Washer and Dryers save space

Use a hanging rod to hang dry delicate items 

Have a sink in your laundry room?  Why not hang a clothes rod above the sink to hang your clothing that need to air dry.  Or hang a retractable clothes drying rack on the wall, like this one that you can push back out of the way when your clothes are finished drying.

Retractable Clothing Rack
Retractable Clothing Rack

Use wall space wherever possible for laundry room organization 

Hang items such as brooms, mops, dusters, and other items that are often relegated to the laundry, out of the way using this wall mounted cleaning tool organizer.  We have one in our laundry room and it keeps everything from falling on the floor and out of the way, yet still easy to access.  Think of it as a container for your cleaning tools.  It also works well in the garage for your gardening tools, such as rakes, hoes, shovels, etc.

Fold and put away the laundry immediately! 

I can’t stress this enough.  Finish a load.  Fold it.  Put it away.  Repeat.  If you don’t, you will risk your dirty laundry being mixed up with your clean laundry and needing to start all over.  So, take the 5 minutes to fold the laundry and put those clothes away!

While you are in your laundry room decluttering and organizing, don’t forget to clean your washing machine, the lint trap and your dryer vent.  Doing so will help your appliances to last longer, save you energy, and potentially save your life, should your dryer vent ever catch fire.

Here’s to decluttering and organizing your laundry room and RESETTING your life!


“A place for everything and everything in its place.” – Benjamin Franklin

P.S. If you have a great tip for organizing your laundry room, I’d love to hear about it, so be sure to comment.  I love learning from you too!

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