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6 Last Minute Ideas for your Thanksgiving Table Decor

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Thanksgiving is Thursday, only days away.  You’ve got the Turkey in the refrigerator defrosting. (If not, do so now.)  The groceries have been purchased, and you have your plan of attack for getting everything prepped and ready to go, so it all comes together and is hot and tasty when you are ready to eat.  But you aren’t done yet.  There is one more thing you need to do.  You still need to set the stage and decorate your table scape.  If you haven’t already decided how your table scape is going to come together, here are six last-minute ideas for your Thanksgiving Table Decor.

Pumpkin Flower Arrangements for Thanksgiving Table Decor

Create or purchase a floral arrangement that is in a hollowed-out pumpkin.  A pumpkin filled with fall colors and flowers is a great way to bring some color to the table.  If you decide to make your own, be sure to use a block of floral foam on the inside, after you have scooped out all the pumpkin “guts”.  This will help keep flowers in place and allow you to keep them watered long after the dishes have been cleared.

Pumpkin Floral Arrangements add a special touch to your table
Pumpkin Floral Arrangements are perfect for your Thanksgiving Table Decor

Rustic Frames for Menus

Got a few empty frames floating around the house?  Use them to display your dinner menu.  They don’t need to match, but it’s a great and simple way to tell everyone what’s for dinner, especially if there are any allergens that folks need to be aware of.

Framed Thanksgiving Menu add a special touch to your Thanksgiving Table
Framed Thanksgiving Menu

Napkin Holders

If you are a crafter, you can make your own personalized napkin holders with some basic items such as card stock and twine or ribbon, or you can download some adorable printable napkin holders from On Sutton Place, where fellow blogger, Anne shared some great ideas for putting the final touches on the Thanksgiving table.

DIY Napkin Rings for Thanksgiving
DIY Napking rings for your Thanksgiving Table Decor

Tea Lights in Mini Pumpkins

Have a few of those adorable miniature pumpkins laying around.  Hollow out a few of them, and place tea lights inside to add a touch of warmth to your tablescape.  Just watch out for those open flames being too close to something you wouldn’t want to catch fire or melt.

Hollowed out mini pumpkin with tea light inserted for your Thanksgiving Table
Pumpkin Tea Lights

Use items from Nature for your Thanksgiving Table Decor

Fall leaves, pumpkins, oranges, pomegranates, rosemary, wood, dried corn cobs, pinecones.  The possibilities are as limited as your imagination when you take your inspiration from the outdoors and the grocery store’s produce aisle.

Thanksgiving Table Decor
Thanksgiving Table decor

 Add a touch of metal

Whether you are drawn to gold, silver, copper, or bronze, adding a hint of metal to your table scape, adds just a touch of class.  The metal could come from chargers, candle holders, napkin rings, or any other fun embellishment you have on hand.  Just go with what you’ve got.

Silver candle holders add a touch of glam for your Thanksgiving Table Decor
Add a touch of glam with beautiful candle holders

Decorating your Thanksgiving table doesn’t have to be complicated. It also doesn’t need to cause you stress with these last-minute ideas for your Thanksgiving table decor.

Here’s to setting your Thanksgiving table decor and RESETTING your life for the upcoming holiday!


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