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Heroes in the Bathroom

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No matter the size of your home, bathrooms are small.  There is no way around it.  Not only are bathrooms small, but we try to cram so many items from so many people all into one tiny space.  Rarely is there space enough to have anything extra or cute, let alone for any type of wax warmer to help with those notorious odors that bathrooms are known for.  That’s where my friend Joelle and her Pink Zebra products become heroes in the bathroom!

Pink Zebra Wallhug

Small product – Heroes in the Bathroom

Joelle recently shared with me Pink Zebra’s variety of Wallhug Plug-In Diffusers.  These diffusers plug into any light socket and take up minimal space.  There are a variety of design styles to choose from. Everything from the Radiate Positivity that I have to Lemons, which is perfect for the kitchen. Or ABC, which would be adorable in any nursery.  Wallhugs are slim, light weight air fresheners that work around the clock to diffuse your favorite Pink Zebra scents throughout the room. They take up absolutely no counter space in small rooms, such as bathrooms, where space is valuable. 

Pink Zebra Scents are Heroes in the Bathroom

Simply choose your WallHug style and then your favorite Diffuser Oil Fragrance.  There are so many scents to choose from.  I currently have Relax – Vanilla Lavender in my WallHug in the basement bathroom. Obviously, you could choose fruity scents, such as Black Cherry or Blueberry Sorbet.  You could choose clean scents, such as Inhale Exhale or Laundry Fresh.  There are also masculine scents for the men in your life, such as Mahogany Wood and Manly Man.  Or even better, tropical scents, such as Tropical Infusion and Aloha Flower will have you wishing you were on the beach.  So many choices, it’s hard to make a decision!

More Options…

Pink Zebra Hang It Pack

Joelle knows me well, and even gifted me a set of the Empowered Women Hang It Pack.  Hang-Its provide a plug-free, flame-free alternative for adding fragrance to any small space. You simply add your favorite Diffuser Oil fragrance and hang in your car, on doorknobs, on backpacks, in bathrooms or even around a Simmering Light or Reed Diffuser.  I currently have mine in my luggage to keep them from smelling musty in between trips.  As an added bonus, they are lightweight, so I can leave them in while traveling, without fear of going overweight.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Pink Zebra, be sure to check out Joelle’s site and sniff around.  Their products are one to love in any space in your home and are certainly heroes in the bathroom.

Here’s to infusing some scent into your home and RESETTING your life!


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