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Grocery Shopping Done Right

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It could be any night of the week.  It’s time for dinner.  What are you going to make?  Let’s see…  You could make XYZ.  Nope.  You don’t have any ABC.  You could make TUV.  Uh-uh.  Can’t make that either.  You don’t have any DEF.  Has this ever happened to you?  Yes?  Me too.  It has happened to this girl here too.  Yep.  This one.  I’m not perfect either. Time to do Grocery Shopping.

Me with a Sad Face
Grocery Shopping is not my favorite task of the week.

What I’ve learned

Over time, I have learned that there are some essentials pantry items you should always have in your kitchen. I’ve included those items in this fantastic list of Essential Pantry Staples.   Want to make a soup?  Grab a bag of beans from the cabinet.  Got a craving for cookies.  Yep.  Everything needed is in the cupboard.  Last minute dinner party.  Got you covered there too.  This fantastic list of Essential Pantry Staples will have you whippin’ up a batch of whatever it is in no time.  What a great RESET!

Our pantry cabinet in real life
Pantry Cabinet in Real Life

Now, I’m not one to do my grocery shopping online.  I like to pick my own loaf of bread, check the dates on my dairy products, and feel the produce.  Call me old fashioned, but it’s how I roll.  I do most of the grocery shopping in our house.  Russell doesn’t do well in crowded places like Walmart, but on the occasion that he does run to the store, he can use this tool too.

Grocery Shopping Done Right

I have been using this Grocery Shopping List for decades for my grocery shopping.  (Yes… you can train your family, even your spouse, to use it too. – Good luck! 😉).  When you use it, you’ll be ready to hit the grocery store any time of day and get everything you need.  It really saves me a lot of time and money.  Throughout the week, when we run out of something, I realize I just pulled the last one from the cabinet, or I’ve made my wekly Meal Plan, I can write down the items I need in the appropriate spot on the sheet.  Then when I am ready to hit the store, my list is already put together.  No need to figure out what I need to purchase.  It’s already done.

Produce aisle in the grocery store
Grocery Shopping in the Produce Aisle

Next, when I get to the store, having my list in hand, makes shopping more efficient because like-items in the store (for the most part) are already grouped together on my list, so I can just grab and go in each section of the store.  No more reading through my list multiple times to realize what I need to get, and no more zigzagging across the store because I missed something on the list, or worse yet, going up and down every aisle because I can’t remember what I need.

Sample grocery shopping list
Grocery Store List

Even better, when you shop from a shopping list – this or another one of your choice – you actually save money because you aren’t grabbing random items.  You have your list, have a plan, and you know what your need to do.  You can go for it!

Take this list with you

Feel free to print a copy or two of this list to keep on hand.  Use it, and tell me what you think.

My hope is that the tools I share throughout my site, will help you save time, save money and be more efficient with your grocery shopping so you have more time at the dinner table with your family.

Here’s to resetting your home, your trips to the grocery store, and your life!


“A place for everything and everything in its place.” – Benjamin Franklin

P.S. Did you use the shopping list on your last trip to the store!  Let me know.  I’d love to her how it went for you.  If you found this post useful, please be sure to share it with others, who may like it as well.