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Time to get your Craft On           

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When you have a broken ankle and are supposed to be off your feet for as much as 8 weeks, life can be pretty boring.  There is only so much binge watching you can do on Netflix.  Luckily, I have friends who know me pretty well and are willing to help lift my spirits with fun finds.  One such friend is Belinda, who recently shared some of the newest products from Chalk Couture.  Using Chalk Couture’s products is as easy as place, paste, peel, and reveal a perfect project every time!  So, no matter what your skill level when it comes to crafting, you can get your craft on and make a beautiful project you will be proud of!

Get your Craft on and make pretty projects

Belinda sent me the following items to play with and keep me entertained while I recuperate:

  • Drop In Box Frame
  • Rabbit & Co, Sure to Grow transfer
  • Love You More, Dragonfly transfer
  • Spring Fling Palette Pack – Paste
Chalk Couture craft supplies

If you aren’t familiar with Chalk Couture, they are a relatively new Direct Sales company, almost 6 years old. They make crafting and DIY home décor, so incredibly easy that anyone from 3 to 103 can create fun projects with very few supplies and absolutely no skill level!  I like to refer to it as “crafting for dummies”.

Steps to Get Your Craft On!

  • PLACE:  To begin, place the reusable silk screen transfer on the surface of your choice.  (Again, these work on almost any type of surface!)  I used the new Drop In Box Frame Belinda sent me, which I love.  (It also has refill insert packs so you can keep creating cute projects over and over again for your frame.)
Frame and Refills
  • PASTE:  Cover the silk screen with paste. It dries hard but is semi-permanent. Or use Chalk Couture’s Ink, which is permanent when heat set.
Place paste over silk screen transfer
  • PEEL:  Once you’ve covered the design, immediately peel up your silk screen, working top to bottom or side to side.  (You never want to pull on a diagonal, as you will stretch out the design.)
  • REVEAL:  After you reveal a beautiful project that you will be proud to display, let your project dry thoroughly. But you don’t have to stop there. You can create with Chalk Couture products any time of year!
Finished projects when you get your craft on

You can customize your creations with their beautiful color palette of 40+ colors or add embellishments and take your creation over the top. 

Getting your Craft On

If you want to give Chalk Couture and get your craft on, you can check out all their products or grab yourself one of their kits, many of which come with everything you need to get started.

I hope this post inspires you to get your craft on and create something pretty either for you or for someone else.

Here’s to getting your craft on and RESETTING your life and space with a beautiful creation!


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