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Get Organized for the New Year with Tula XII – One to Love

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With the new year just around the corner, you’ve probably started to think about some New Year’s Resolutions or ways you want to become a better version of you in 2023.  I know I have, and there’s always that one…  You know the one.  The “get healthy” one.  According to Discover Happy Habits the most popular resolutions for 2022 were living healthier (23%), personal improvement and happiness (21%), and losing weight (20%).  Wow!  That’s nearly one in 4 people who want to get healthy and/or lose weight!  My friend Teri, is an Ambassador for Tula XII. She recently gifted me their Fitness Bundle (includes Exercise Tracking, Measurements & Weight Tracker, and the Food Tracker, as well as a free lifestyle sticker sheet themed for the bundle.  I have everything to get organized for my health journey when January 1 rolls around.

Tula XII Fitness Bundle to get organized

Now, if you aren’t familiar with Tula XII, they are a relatively new customizable Planner/Organizer Direct Sales Company, and if you are ANYTHING like me, you are going to fall in love with their products.  Seriously.  Not only do they have the traditional Daily, Weekly, Monthly style planners, they have planner inserts to fit your lifestyle and your needs.

How to Get Organized

Here’s how Tula XII’s products work:

Choose your Cover to get organized

First, choose your Cover.  They have designs, colors, sizes and styles to match any personality, and they are always bringing out new ones.  They even have covers that can interchange out for any season and any reason! So updating is NO problem!

Choose your planner inserts to get organized

Next, choose your Inserts.  They have everything you need from calendars to address books.  From Wedding Planners to Fitness Trackers.   Meal Planners to School Organizers.  Direct Sales Organizers to Home and Auto Trackers.  From Budget and Finance Trackers to Traveling Planners and everything in between!  No matter what your needs are, they have an Insert for that!

Choose your Accessories to get organized

Lastly, choose your Accessories.   Everything to make your planner pretty and unique to you!  Washi Tape and Stickers.  Pens and Charms.  Accessory Pockets and expandable bands.  Everything to make your planning and organizing fun, creative and enjoyable!

Get Organized without the Cookie Cutter Planners

I’m all about the organization and having everything I need in one place.  But what I love most about Tula XII and their style of planner is that it is not “cookie cutter” or one-size fits all like those planners you can purchase had office supplies stores.  They also make great gifts.  Know someone having a baby?  Purchase a cover and the Baby Before Arrival, Baby First Year and Baby Doctor and Tracking Inserts.  Do you know someone who just got engaged?  Purchase a cover and the Wedding Planner and Wedding Parties and Gifts Inserts, which comes in a convenient bundle.  Know someone who is planning a big trip?  Purchase a cover and the Travel Bundle, which includes the Travel Planner, the Story Teller Insert and the Game Time Insert.  The possibilities are ENDLESS and completely unique.

Planner Inserts for getting healthy

Want to get organized in 2023? Tula XII is the answer you are looking for.

Here’s to find the right planner/organizer for you and RESETTING your life!


Organization isn’t about perfection; it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money, and improving your overall quality of life.” – CHRISTINA SCALISE

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