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Food Storage Containers from Tupperware

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In case you didn’t know it, (Yeah, right!) I love an organized kitchen.  It’s probably my favorite space in the entire house to organize.  There are so many items that need organizing from dishes to utensils.  From appliances to plasticware.  From spices to baking ingredients and everything in between.  Some items simply need a place to call home, while other items truly need a storage solution to keep them fresh, to keep the bugs out and to create more efficient storage.  That is why one to love this week is the Modular Mates from Tupperware.  My friend Lynette turned me on to these food storage containers recently, and let me just say, I have more on order.  (Don’t tell Russell.)

Unmanagable Food Storage Containers

One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to groceries, is that nothing, and I mean NOTHING comes in the same size or style container.  So, storing items efficiently is nearly impossible.  I especially hate those bags of food items like those shown below.  No two are alike.  They are floppy, misshapen bags that are impossible to keep closed and keep the food fresh.

Food bags

That’s where Modular Mates comes in.  Modular Mates come in 15 different shapes and sizes.  They can hold anything from cereal to pasta, or flour to lentils.  You name it, it can probably fit in a Modular Mate.  The see through containers make it easy to see what’s on the inside (although I do like to label mine), and their consistent design makes it easy to stack or line up multiple containers.

Modular Mates Storage containers

When Lynette shared the Modular Mates with me, I knew EXACTLY where I was going to start in the kitchen… my baking cabinet.  It was a hot mess!  You probably have a similar space.  You know the one.  That space where you keep a little bit of everything so you can bake whenever the mood suits you.  Mine has everything from white chocolate chips to coconut flour in it.  I’ve got 2 different types of Karo Syrup, a jar of Molasses, some wheat germ, and even pancake mix.  Like I said, a little bit of everything.

Before and After with these Food Storage Containers

Before picture of my cabinet

With the Modular Mates (I had 2 each of the Oval 2 and the Square 4 containers.) I was able to get rid of some of those crazy food bags I mentioned earlier.  My Turbinado Sugar and Unsweetened Coconut Flakes each went into the Square containers.  My Pancake Mix and Coconut Flour each went into the Oval containers.  And yet, I need more!  I didn’t have one for my Rice Flour, so it’s on my list for my next order, as are a few for those bagged items shown earlier in this post.  LOL!

After photo of my cabinet

Doesn’t the after-photo look so pretty?  Everything so neat and organized?  You can see I still have room for another Oval container for my Rice Flour next to the Pancake Mix and the Coconut Flour, and I had to stand my square containers on end, because I couldn’t get them to stack in the space I had, but it is much more organized than it was before and my food items will stay fresher longer! 

If you are wanting to organize your kitchen cabinets and all the food inside to save money on food that has gone bad and make your kitchen work more efficiently for you and your family, I highly recommend the Modular Mates.  These food storage containers from Tupperware and my friend Lynette are one to love.

Here’s to organizing your kitchen and RESETTING your life!


Organization isn’t about perfection; it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money, and improving your overall quality of life.” – CHRISTINA SCALISE

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