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Family Calendar Apps – the 3 Best for Staying Organized

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Last week I shared with you the importance of having a Communication Station in your home, especially a family calendar to keep track of everyone’s busy social schedule.  But what do you do when you aren’t home to look at the family calendar, but need to make a follow up doctor’s appointment, and yet you can’t remember which day Sally Sue’s cheerleading try-outs are?  Or when Jimmy John’s chess tournament is?  That’s when having a family calendar, that is tween friendly, and everyone in your family can be responsible, comes in handy.  Here are what I believe are the 3 best Family Calendar apps, in no particular order, to keep you and your family on track and on schedule.


With this app, you can keep all your family members in the loop. Its features allow you to coordinate everyone’s schedule in one place.

With Cozi you can: track everyone’s activities; color code events to show who is involved; manage school events, practice schedules, dentist appointments, vacations, etc.; stay up to date with automatic notifications; share the grocery list, to-dos, recipes, and more.

Google Family Calendar App

When you create a family group in Google, you can add up to 5 additional members who live in the same country as you do. When your group is created, a “Family” calendar is automatically generated, which is accessible to all the group members.

Group members can add, view, and edit events on this calendar; can easily keep track of all the family activities because they’re all in one place and accessible on multiple devices.

Birthdays and anniversaries are easily remembered. You can also color code events to identify every member in the family group at a glance.


With this shareable family calendar, you and other members of the household can sync your schedules. You can add special events, doctor’s appointments, practices, and other activities all with the touch of a button.

NOTE: Keeping your family calendar can be one of the most difficult and challenging things you do.  My hope is one of these apps will get you and your family all on the same page of the same calendar.

Here’s to creating your family calendar that works for you and your family and RESETTING your life!


“A place for everything and everything in its place.” – Benjamin Franklin

P.S. If you have a favorite calendar app, I’d love to hear it.  I love learning from you too!

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