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Defining Your Space

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Tip of the Week:  Defining your Space

Do you have a room that is driving you nuts every time you walk into it, that you feel needs a makeover, or that simply needs to be reclaimed and transformed into something fresh and new?  Is it time to RESET the space?

Before you do anything… Create a strategy or a plan for the room.

Our Guest Room was a hot mess before I determined what I wanted from it.
Our Guest Room – Before Defining your Space
Our Guest Room was where we dumped everything until we could get to it
Our Guest Room was a dumping ground

Steps to Defining Your Space

  • Make a plan for the room.  Ask yourself… What do you hope this space turns into?  Do you have a theme or a color scheme?  Do you have a particular décor style? Do you have a specific need?
  • Identify the purpose of the space.  Craft room?  Office?  Guest room?  Something entirely different?  What do you want this room to be when it is finished?  Define your space.
  • Identify the current activities that take place in the room.  Will those same activities happen in the space once you’ve transformed the room?  If not, time to think about where those activities will happen going forward.  Is it where you wrap gifts during the holidays?  Is it where the grand kids sleep when they come for weekend visits? Is there a corner of the room where you like to cuddle up with a good book?
  • Identify current habits that occur in the room.  Is this your dumping ground?  Is it where you fold laundry that never gets put away?  Is it your secret hiding space where your husband never looks for your purchases?  (I won’t tell. I promise.)
  • What do you want the room to look like when you are done?  What’s your vision?  Do you have pictures?  If not, find some.  Grab your favorite decorating magazine and cut out some photos that you love or create a Pinterest board full of inspiration for your home.

Creating a strategy will give you a road map of where you are taking your room.

A clean and organized guest room
Everything in its place
Defining your space gives you clarity
A well defined room

Getting it done…

We have more to do… Next week, I’ll be sharing with you some tips for prioritizing and sorting the items in the room.  So, stay tuned!

Here’s to resetting your home, your room, and your life!


“A place for everything and everything in its place.” – Benjamin Franklin

P.S.  If you know someone who might enjoy learning more about Room Reset – Home Solutions, please be sure to share this with them.  They will thank you for it and so will I.


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