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Simple Tips when a Custom Closet isn’t in the Budget

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I don’t know about you, but installing a custom closet system in our Master Bedroom is not currently in our budget.  I’d love to have one, but for us to do so, would require an entire remodel of our 2 bedrooms, making them into one larger one.  So over time, I have made small adjustments and found great solutions for creating more space and better organizational systems for our Master Closet.  Here are 10 solutions you can use when you don’t have the budget for a custom closet.

Matching Hangers make it feel like a custom closet–

This simple but effective trick creates the illusion of having more space in your closet.  Matching hangers makes them almost seem invisible.  When having matching hangers, you also have evenly spaced clothing.  Many folks these days are swooning over the felt covered hangers.  They are slim in design, which does create a bit more space, but they can be pricey, so choose hangers that work with your budget, just make them match. 

Velvet Hangers

Labels Bins –

If storing items in bins, be sure to label the bins so you can tell what is inside without needing to open it up.

Use Clear Bins when you don’t have a Custom Closet–

In addition to labeling your bins, whenever possible, use clear bins in your master closet.  Clear bins allow you to see inside, with or without a label.

Shoe rack with or without a Custom Closet–

Organize your shoes.  Don’t leave them scattered across the floor.  Instead, use a shoe rack such as this to contain your shoes, no matter if they are boots or ballet flats.  As an added bonus, this shoe rack is gorgeous. If you don’t have space in the closet, it is a beautiful piece of furniture as well.

Shoe Racks create space when you don't have a custom closet

Hat Hooks to create more space–

If you or someone in your home has an obsession with baseball caps, like my daughter does, you know what a struggle they can be to store.  These ballcap clips are genius for keeping hats all in one place, and not stuffed within one another. 

Hat hooks for organizing ball caps

Belt Organizer

I don’t own a single belt, but Russell sure does.  I recently purchased this organizer for him so he could keep his belts neat, tidy, and in a drawer, instead of being hung on a command hook inside the closet. 

Belt Organizer

Tie Rack

Russell doesn’t wear ties very often, but he does own a few.  When he does have the need to wear a tie, we always seem to find them in a wrinkled-up pile in the back of the closet.  That’s why I went looking for a solution and found this simple but effective Tie Rack.  It keeps ties neat, flat and wrinkle free. 

Tie rack

Handbag storage when you don’t have a Custom Closet–

For many women, purses and handbags are the nemesis of any closet – custom closet or not.  They are awkwardly shaped, take up a lot of space, come in a large variety of sizes and are often flimsy.  Storing purses and handbags can be a challenge. This organizer easily stores 8 handbags, keeping them off the floor and out of the way, yet still accessible. 

Purse organizer when you don't have a custom closet

Fold Jeans/Sweaters to create more space–

Jeans and sweaters can take up a lot of space when hung on hangers.  Instead, store them folded file folder style on their sides on the closet shelf using these fabulous dividers.  No more stacking them, just to pull down the entire lot. Grab just the pair of jeans or sweater that you need.  

Clothing dividers

Still More Space Savings when you don’t have a Custom Closet–

And if you still need more space, give these hangers a try.  Russell and I used something similar when we lived in our RV to create more space.  These hangers allow you to hang 5 items in the same space as one traditional hanger.

Multi Hangers give you 5x the space when you don't have a custom closet

Here’s to reorganizing your Master Closet when you don’t have the budget for a custom closet and RESETTING your life!


Organization isn’t about perfection; it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money, and improving your overall quality of life.” – CHRISTINA SCALISE

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