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Contain the Clutter – Using Containers

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Tip of the Week – What to use to Contain the Clutter

Last Tuesday for our Tip of the Week, we talked about removing everything and pairing it down.  Now it’s time.  It’s finally time to put those items you have decided to keep and contain the clutter. 

What can be used to contain the clutter?

Almost anything can be used as an organizational container.  In our home, I use everything from upcycled lunchmeat containers for storing craft supplies to mason jars for holding cotton swabs, face pads and bath bombs in the bathroom.  As I mentioned yesterday, we use a basket for Russell’s pocket items near the front door, and I use painted wooden crates as make-shift shelving in my office.  I use fabric bins and totes for seasonal clothing, and I use acrylic bins in the pantry, so I can see what we do and don’t have when making dinner.

Mason jars in the bathroom to help contain beauty items
Mason jars in the bathroom

My point is this…  There is no right or wrong when it comes to containers and what can be used for storing your items.  It’s a matter of style, preference and even budget.  (Remember those upcycled lunch meat containers?)

Upcycled lunchmeat containers filled with craft supplies
Upcycled lunchmeat containers contain the craft clutter

Style – Contain the clutter

Like to see what you’ve got?  Use glass (I prefer mason jars) or clear acrylic containers like those from The Home Edit.

Acrylic Bins help organize craft supplies
Acrylic Bins

Don’t want everyone to see your unmentionables and other items, opt for fabric bins or banana leaf baskets.

Banana Leaf Baskets contain the DVD clutter in our home
Banana Leaf Baskets contain the DVD clutter in our home

Still More Ideas to Contain the Clutter

Have a farmhouse vibe going in your home?  Use found metal containers from an antique store, or these that I found on Amazon. (Yes, I am an affiliate, and can earn a small commission.)

More of a boho-chic kind of gal?  Use baskets and bins made from macrame and rope.

Macrame Baskets can be used anywhere in your home
Macrame baskets – VERY Boho-Chic!

Have a more modern feel?  Go for metal, glass or acrylic with black accents or wooden lids. (I love this, as it serves 2 purposes!)

Modern Storage basket/table helps to contain the clutter of larger items in the livingroom
Modern Storage Basket/Table to contain items in the living room

On a tight budget?  Try your local discount store or check out garage sales… but only go with a purpose and only purchase what you absolutely NEED!  (We don’t want more clutter coming into your home.  We want to organize what you already have.) 

Baby friendly?  Check out these adorable storage boxes that come in a variety of animal styles and are both cute and soft, so no safety hazards here.

Elephant Toy Storage Bin to contain the toy clutter
Elephant Toy Storage Bin to contain baby toys

It’s your home.  You know what your family needs.  Know your style.  Pick your preferences.  Determine your budget.  But before you do ANYTHING… be sure to measure the space your containers will go in.  (Length x Width x Height) Know what size and how many you need.  This will save you trips back and forth to the store for returns.

Here’s to resetting your home, containing your items, and RESETTING your life!


“A place for everything and everything in its place.” – Benjamin Franklin

P.S. Have a type of container you absolutely adore.  I’d love to see, so be sure to share!

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