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Coat Closet Organization Tips

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Now is the time of year we start using our coat closet.  6 months of the year, it is hardly accessed, other than to grab the vacuum cleaner once a week.  But now, as the days get shorter and the nights get colder, we switch to hoodies, coats and scarves and we go into the… Continue reading Coat Closet Organization Tips

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Entryway Organization – Don’t Overlook it

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Make the most of your entryway organization by limiting the clutter and using the space that you have.  Our Entryway is tiny, and when I say, tiny… I mean Tiny with a CAPITAL T.  You walk in our front door, and you are in the living room/dining room.  There is no coat closet.  We don’t… Continue reading Entryway Organization – Don’t Overlook it