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As the weather gets warmer, it starts to feel as though I spend more time living in the car.  Do you feel the same?  Whether you are a commuter to your job, on a cross country family vacation, or a soccer mom running from activity to activity for the kids, your car can become the worst place for clutter.  According to a 2019 article I read, the average American spends 10 hours, 50 minutes per week in their car.  ( That’s a lot of time in your car each week!  No wonder our cars tend to be a hot mess! Car organization is essential any time of year!

My Ford Edge

Car Organization Tips

For those of you who need to declutter your car, here are a five simple tips to keep your car more organized:

Car Organization Seat Solutions
  1. Schedule one day per week to declutter, wash, vacuum and restock your car with essential supplies. Be sure to include water bottles, quick snacks, tissues, diapers, wipes, first aid supplies, sunscreen, etc. Have it well stocked, and you’ll always be ready to hit the road.
  2. Have a “No Food” policy in the car. (If you have small children (or a spouse, LOL!), this rule prevents 90% of the mess!) While it’s tempting (and time-saving) to eat the car, it sure does make a mess.
Car Organizer Trunk Solution
  1. Have containers to keep loose items corralled so they aren’t rolling all around the car.  You can find some fabulous containers online that fit under your front passenger car seat, hang on the back of the seats, or keep items contained in the trunk.
  2. Create a system for the center console for those items that you want in easy reach, such as chap stick, sunglasses, tissues, loose change, hand sanitizer, etc.
  3. Create a folder for the glove compartment to keep your most recent registration, insurance, car repair information and other documents. Doing so will keep everything in one central location should the need arise.  I like using a plastic coupon folder such as this to contain all my necessary car documents:
Car paperwork folder

If you’ve got a clever tip for keeping your car organized it, I’d love to hear it!  Please share with me.

Here’s to keeping your car clean and decluttered and RESETTING your life! 


Organization isn’t about perfection; it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money, and improving your overall quality of life.” – CHRISTINA SCALISE

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