Live Life More Efficiently!

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Want to live life more efficiently? I have the solutions needed to reset your life and your home, room by room.

Here is what Room Reset – Home Solutions can do for you:

  • Help you declutter and organize any spot in your home, from your pantry to your garage, and everything in between
  • Help you to repurpose a room after a child has left the nest – Ready for that craft room you’ve been dreaming of?
  • Help you create systems that work for you and your family – reduce and control paper clutter, improve your time managment skills, and increase the time you have with your family
  • Help you maintain your organizational systems through challenges and accountability
  • Help you to prepare for a new arrival, whether it’s a new baby, an elderly parent moving into your home, or simply a house guest staying for the weekend
  • Help you reconfigure spaces for growing children – transform a toddler bedroom into a kid’s bedroom, a play room into a teen room, etc.
  • Help relieve stress by creating organizational systems that work for you and your unique situation. Every home, every person and every family is different. There is no one size fits all.
  • Help you to be proud of your home and the way it looks and feels, both to you and those whom you invite in
  • Help you create organizational systems as you transition through the various stages of life

A passion for living life more efficiently.

I have a passion for my home. It is not a mansion, and it’s not perfect, but it is ours. Even after 6 years of living here, we continue to make it our own. It is my happy place and my desire is for you to feel the same way about your home.

Our home
Small, farm-house style home in Wyoming

As a Trained Organizer, through the Institute for Professional Organizers, I am here to help you create lasting organizational systems that work for you and your family, not just give you a home makeover to make your house look pretty on the surface. Beauty is fleeting, right?

Institute for Professional Organizers logo

Along the way, I will be here to teach you tips, tricks and techniques and provide you with the essential tools to organize and declutter your home; create systems that work for you and your family; and design a plan that is easy to maintain so you too, can have a home and life you love. Because, after all, isn’t that what we all want?

I have a passion for creating systems of organization and time management tools. Time is our most valuable commodity and the only one we can’t create more of. Time management is self-management, and I’ll teach you how to prioritize and create goals with meaning that you can achieve.

Additionally, I’ll also teach you some pretty amazing tips for creating a life that runs more efficiently. Meal planning, chore designation, paper decluttering, and so much more! It’s my goal to help you and provide home and life solutions that work for you!

I’m here to help you live life more efficiently!
Save Time
Live life more efficiently when you learn how to save time.

With Room Reset – Home Solutions, you will learn time-tested tips, tricks and techniques for saving time, our most important asset and the only one we can never make more of.

Time Management is Self-Management. When you learn how to schedule your time more effectively, you’ll not only save time, but create time for your most important priorities.

Learn how to time block, color code, prioritize and hold yourself accountable to appointments you’ve scheduled with yourself.

Save Money
Live life more efficiently when you learn how to save money.

Ever over purchase, because you aren’t sure what you have in the cabinet? Or purchase duplicates, because you love “it” so much , but come to realize, you already have “it”? Or worse yet, not purchase something because you forgot, or didn’t know you needed it, and now you need to make a second trip to the store? What a time waster!

Room Reset – Home Solutions will help you to save both time AND money, and avoid these costly mistakes that have happened to us all.

Reduce Stress
Live life more efficiently and reduce stress.

Room Reset – Home Solutions will help you to create systems that work for you, your family and your home, thus reducing stress within the home.

Having systems in place, alleviates stress, anxiety and frustrations by making your home work more efficiently for everyone – kids and spouses included!

Whether it’s decluttering, organizing, meal planning, managing time, decorating, or saving money, Room Reset – Home Solutions, is here to help!


Organization isn’t about perfection; it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money, and improving your overall quality of life.”

– Christina Scalise

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Physically located in Northern Wyoming, but here to help you wherever you are!

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Roberta and I met because we both have a love of crafting.  Crafters, tend to be disorganized hoarders, but not Roberta.  Her crafting space is always organized.  She knows where everything is, so that when inspiration strikes, she can craft and not hunt for supplies.

We used to host Scrapbooking Weekends in Lake Tahoe.  We provided a cabin that we all shared, a large crafting space with a breathtaking view, meals, T-shirts, and crafty make and takes.  We would pick a theme and plan the weekend around the theme which included meals, decor, movies, crafts and more.  Roberta had an Excel workbook that she documented everything in.  For example, we would plan the meals for the weekend on one tab.  On that tab, we would have dinner for Thursday, 3 meals for Friday and Saturday and a quick breakfast for Sunday.  Once the meals were listed out, Roberta would make the shopping list based on the menu.  We would do the same process for each task that included the movies, the crafty make and takes and the decorations.  She had a tab for the money that was collected from each attendee and a tab for the budget for each line item.

Roberta and Angel
Roberta and Angel

The biggest part of the weekend plan was the food.  We would go grocery shopping on Tuesday to get all the supplies.  On Wednesday, we would spend the day preparing the meals.  We would do all the prep work and pre-cook any meals that we could.  Meals were planned to use Crock-pots with liners and disposable pans, when possible.  We would label the meals so we knew the day and what meal they were for.

Our goal was always to plan everything out so that Roberta and I also had time to spend with our friends to craft along with them.  We were able to accomplish this with Roberta’s exceptional planning and organization. 

Our Scrapbooking Weekends were always a success.

Angel Christian

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Hi! I am Belinda McLane, owner and CEO of Artsy Fun Crafty DIY Designs and an Independent Chalk Couture Designer. I have led a Chalk Couture team for 5 years. 
In 2019, Roberta presented at the annual ChalkCon! She was incredible!!! She shared many common sense ideas on organization, planning, and maintaining her business and family!

Belinda and Roberta
Belinda and Roberta

Her presentation and love of organizing blew me away! My team had been struggling with juggling their business and family and needed ideas!!!!  I loved her “brain” so much that I asked her if she would be willing to present her “systems” training to my team! She graciously said, “Yes.” 
Her “Systems of Organization” training was amazing!!! She gave practical, easy to use strategies to implement in our business and family life. She not only talked us through the “systems”, she provided us with usable templates to begin using right away!!! My team was so excited to learn and grow from this training! They dove into using the templates immediately and took charge of organizing their business and daily family routines. 
Three years later, myself and members of my team are still utilizing the tools Roberta taught in that training! I love her and her brain for organization!!! She’s always so helpful and willing to share with others!!!! 

Belinda McLane